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Individual Psychotherapy for Adults

I work with a variety of needs and issues including relationship issues, trauma, loss, depression, low self esteem, substance abuse and anxiety. Below are also a few additional unique specialties with which I work, and I believe that often the core of many of these issues is unprocessed feelings or trauma (whether relationship or direct), depression, and/or anxiety. 



You constantly find yourself obsessing over your food and body. You never feel good enough. There is a record in your head that will not stop repeating. 

You can stop the cycle and learn a new way to live. 

I have worked with people who have struggled with a wide range of disordered eating including Binge Eating Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, and Bulimia Nervosa. 

There is hope.



Individuals in the LGBTQ community suffer from mental health issues at a disproportionately high rate, and I am here to help.

Whether you are struggling with mental health issues, your identity, or just need someone to talk to, my experience personally and professionally offer me an affirmative stance from which we can work.  

Every identity is valued and welcome.


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Depression can feel overwhelming. It can leave you feeling unable to know where to begin if you have the energy to begin at all. Often, self esteem issues go hand in hand. Sometimes we are not even aware of the constant negative critic inside of us. There is help for depression, and you can learn new ways to identify and manage that little voice inside you that tells you that you are not good enough.

There can be freedom over that which you feel hopeless.



Brainspotting is a powerful, focused therapy method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, and other challenging symptoms. 

"With focus and precision, one can find with eye positions (Brainspots) where the trauma, anxiety, depression or behavioral problems are held in the brain. This allows the brain to process from the inside out and from the bottom up."

To learn more about Brainspotting, watch this short video or call 805-881-3001 for a free phone consultation to see if Brainspotting may be right for you. 


Call 805-881-3001 for a free phone consultation to see if I may be a match for your needs.